1) Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: All prices are based on a square metre rate, also taking into account distances travelled to carry out the job and
preparation if needed.

2) Question: How long will it take?
Answer: Depending on the job required, most works can be completed within 1-3 days taking into account curing times
and temperatures when installed. On larger areas it can take up to 2 weeks to complete a membrane system.

3) Question: How many years experience do you have in this industry?
Answer: Graham is the Director/Technician at Trusty-Seal Waterproofing. He has 17 years experience with all liquid and
sheet systems, servicing residential and commercial areas within New South Wales.

4) Question: Why should I hire Trusty-Seal Waterproofing?
Answer: Here at Trusty-Seal, we strive in professionalism for every job no matter what size. We will take the time to
explain to our customers in detail of our procedure for each and every application and service that we provide.
We guarantee that we use nothing but quality products from well known manufacturers. Our mission is to give
our customers the highest level of quality waterproofing services with fair and market competitive prices. We deliver
exceptional customer satisfaction with our highest quality workmanship, efficiency and pricing.



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